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Venus in your partner’s chart, LOVE secrets

You take love seriously and with careful consideration. Yet, you can be so much fun to be around. You are rarely too serious-acting, moody or unhappy.

Venus through the Signs - Laura Barat, Astrologer

You know how to have a good time and to help others to do the same. You are easygoing and cheerful most of the time. There is an attraction to the luxuries of life, and often a tendency to overindulge in sensual pleasures. You may have a weakness for good food, good wine, fine furnishings and clothes, and many more objects and activities that delight the senses.

Mars Conjunct Ascendant Transit. Example: If Taurus is the ascendant Rising of a zodiac sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, placed in horoscope of a native, as 1st house is most important in calculation and prediction, sign lord of 4th house Sun is in 5th house and sign lord of 5th house Mercury is in 4th house, both the sign lords are in mutual exchange, Maha. Astrology of Confusing Statements. Isn't it obvious as Leo is the ruling. Moon Mars combination acts as a powerful factor in establishing one's financial status.

However, Mars in 5th house causes problems with children. Natal will be intelligent and well educated. Judicious and enjoys position like Justice or Minister. Ketu is in 5th house. It is a fact that the Saturn is lord of 9th house, which is badhaka position for fixed ascendant.

Mars in 5th House indicates great "pluck" in starting enterprises and carrying out plans, and gives quick insight into new possibilities; a good understanding may however be seriously threatened by an excessively rash, uncontrolled and masterful manner in word and action. Taurus is a practical and conservative sign. There's a strong drive to experience pleasure, and some of you may discover new hobbies, creative talents or a love for extreme sports.

Taurus in the 1st house - Taurus on the cusp of the first house. Venus is the lord of ascendant and 6th house for Taurus ascendant or Vrish Lagna. Then he also killed his wife's next of kin. In the short edition, only a few, but nevertheless important aspects of your natal chart are considered. When bad planets occupy the Ascendant place of body,. Up until now, all the Houses explore an. Progressed Mars in the 5th house is similar to progressed Mars in Leo, so read that placement for more information.

If it is a Sign of Venus, the Trimsamsa of Mars denotes a. Saturn being a yoga karka planet in your horoscope is a high benefic and should give you good results always.

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Aries ascendant: - 1. Any relationship you begin — even a first date — will have strong emotional undercurrents surrounding it. Aries or Scorpio , then on Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars, you can try fasting during daylight hours, but eat before sunrise and after sundown or remain vegetarian the entire day. You are highly competitive and inclined toward sports, music, theater, and possibly other artistic pursuits during this time. Mercury in the fifth house brings excellent communication skills.

Oftentimes, pleasure is the result of a creative act. As Uranus transits your solar 5th house, there may be news of an unexpected pregnancy, and child may be disruptive or rebellious. Mars trine Ascendant transit makes you more self-confident and outgoing. If you want to really learn and practice astrology, either for your personal growth or as a profession, you should understand that it takes time.

Taurus Vrishabha : The lord of ascendant Venus, lords of 5th and 9th houses, Mercury and Saturn respectively give good results to Taurus ascendants. So, if you're indeed a rising Sagittarius, and let's say your Jupiter is in Gemini, in your seventh house, aka the house of partnerships, then you naturally attract mentally stimulating partners. March 1st, - Venus Enters Aquarius. Fifth House.

Mars in 5th house This association of Mars with the fifth house shows a great expenditure of energies pursuing the pleasures of life, including romances. Taurus On The Cusp Of The 5th House If Taurus is the sign on the cusp of your 5th house then you'll be slow and steady when it comes to love, dating and sex. When Mars is placed in the ascendant in a horoscope the results become very interesting.

If ascendant lord Mars, career's lord Saturn and luck lord Jupiter associate in 5th house in natal chart, the. It is pertinent to note here, how Saturn give good result to Taurus ascendant. You seek pleasure but want to be noticed and appreciated. Tenth house is apex of the horoscope. Jupiter and Sun also produce Marak effect for Libra Ascendant. In modern astrology we are very careful for Taurus ascendant as 6th house is being one of the most malefic houses. Typically, there is pride in their creative achievements and a powerful drive towards self-expression, and so the world is often a stage for them.

Ceres in the Fifth House: The tendency with this placement is to feel nurtured by fun, sports, games, romance, children, gambling and speculation, you name it. The asteroid Eros plays a role in sexual attraction as well. Mars in Ascendant, Mars in First House Mars represents strength, courage and action, and when it is placed in the first house, which represents self and personality, the native is likely to be physically strong and courageous. The simple act of creating is, essentially, giving of oneself and making something — making another? Yes, the Fifth House does speak to procreation and children, but it also addresses.

The lords of these trikonasthanas are auspicious lords. The fifth house is said to imply progeny. Presence of malefic planets in this house creates putra-dosha. This shows someone who is working for Govt in most chaotic situations and doing his job with perfection. Retrograde Planets. A person with Libra on the ascendant would have a chart ruler of Venus. Pluto in 5th House synastry meaning - Pluto in 5th House Sexual compatibility will be a major factor in determining the success of a romantic relationship. The Moon and Ascendant signs are just as important -- but they can't be accurately determined without an accurate birthday, place, and time, why many are unaware of them.

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Mars in 5th House This comparison can produce strong romantic attractions of a sexual nature. Mars in the Fifth House of the Natal Chart. Ascendant or Lagna is the most important house in birth chart, so it is always good to wear Diamond or Heera. So lets say that Jupiter is in the 10th, and Mars in the 7th and Venus in the 8th houses when a person was born. For this reason, few Venus in Leo folk would last long in a relationship that is mostly sexual. On the flip side, they may last longer in a love-only relationship in the absence of satisfying sex, but they are unlikely to feel very satisfied.

Pleasing Venus in Leo involves paying loads of attention to them. Respect and appreciate them, always. Put up with their childlike moments and their tall tales. They want to be seen as attractive by you, so avoid at all costs! They actually lose interest when they perceive the slightest loss of interest in their partner, and you can expect that any letdown will be acted out in a dramatic fashion.

Remind them, in a gentle way, that your emotions count too. If you are feeling a little jealous, let them know.

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Remember, to Venus in Leo, your small jealousies are affirmations that you find them attractive and expect the rest of the world to as well. Let them decide where to go on a date, and let them pay too. When Venus in Leo feels loved and appreciated, they reward you with loyalty, a big sense of fun, and plenty of physical expressions of their love.

Let me show you a good time. Venus in Virgo people are not the flirtatious sort. Instead, their appeal lies in their dedication, their willingness to work on the relationship, and to make the relationship work in real terms. Their gifts are less showy, but perhaps far more generous — gifts of devotion and attention to details about you. Venus in Virgo men and women quietly and often slowly make their way into your heart. They are quite sensitive in love — even insecure — and this reserved, loner-like quality is part of their appeal.

They prefer to play it safe in their relationships, and they need to be confident that you like them before they make a move. They are great listeners and they make it a habit to observe and learn all of your ins and outs. Their love can be of the Kindergarten variety — they show they care by nagging or criticizing. Remember, though, that they are not trying to hurt you when they are pointing out the flaws in your thinking, plans, or even character.

They truly are trying to help! Venus in Virgo is attracted to nondescript people who have largely gone unnoticed.

Meaning and Significance of Venus in Taurus Vedic Astrology

Show-offs and know-it-alls turn them off. Pleasing Venus in Virgo involves showing you appreciate them for all the little things they do — and they do a lot. The problem is, they do these things so quietly that you may not always notice or credit them for all these kind gestures. Be genuine, not ostentatious. They are really not difficult to please after you have taken care of these basic needs.

Avoid pushing your friends or family on them too fast — remember they are a little shy. They aim to please, and are easily intimidated by your experiences. Let them know how much you value them, and they will reward you with devotion and a charming willingness to talk things out. I will help you.


Venus in Libra people will try to impress you with their kindness, evenhandedness, and willingness to make your relationship work. They have a polished manner in love, which sometimes makes them appear insincere or superficial. They are gentle lovers who hate to be offended. They are threatened by bad manners and direct or abrasive expression of feelings. They not only prefer to choose the middle road, they seek the middle ground in their relationships. Venus in Libra men and women have idealized images of their relationships, even to the point where the relationship becomes bigger than life, taking on a life of its own.

They can become quietly resentful if they feel they are being taken advantage of — and they make it easy for more aggressive types to bully them around. Pleasing Venus in Libra involves treating them kindly and fairly. They love to share everything with you, so let them. Foreplay for them can be mental — they love to communicate with you about the relationship. Sharing turns them on, and tactless or uncouth behavior is a turn-off. Although they seem to put up with a lot, be fair with them.

Over time, imbalance in their relationship is sure to make them unhappy, and when it comes to this, they may try to even the score in subtle, roundabout ways. I will please you. All I ask for is fairness. Venus in Scorpio people attract others with their intensity and willingness to commit. They have a strong and concentrated manner which suggests their feelings run deep.

Their actions in love tend to promise deep commitment and sexual pleasure, even if they are not telling you this directly. Their appeal lies in their focus on you, and their dedication. Venus in Scorpio seems fearless when it comes to intimacy. Potential lovers get the feeling that Venus in Scorpio will never stray, that they are intensely loyal to the one they love.


They possess you, and somehow make it seem attractive to be possessed. Venus in Scorpio men and women give you their complete attention. These people are very focused on their partners. Depending on your personality, you may find this unnerving or entirely flattering. Their body-and-soul love and commitment can be so intense that it eclipses fun and makes loving them a very heavy experience. Their emotion and intensity may seem overdone to those looking for a more lighthearted relationship. These people take things to extremes, and can be very provocative.

Depending on the moment, Venus in Scorpio will shoot you one of the most piercing glares around, or totally blow up. Whichever style they choose, a slighted Scorpio lover is not a pretty sight. These people can be jealous of all of your attachments, but few will admit it. Still, you may find their conclusions about you seem skewed and mistrustful.

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